Great Souwest Tour of 2018

We  begins with two months on the road in front of us. Sixty shows or thereabouts….some not yet confirmed.

First off is two weeks in the nations capital, Canberra. When we first toured to Canberra in 2002 we chuckled about “peak hour” traffic. Rush hour lasted fer about five  minutes and were focussed on Northbourne Ave.

Now traffic is so heavy if the Captain has to cross town he does so early to avoid the chaos as light rail is built on the main thoroughfare. Allow us a cannon or two and we’ll happily take on peak hour traffic.

Sixteen Shows in Canberra in all. Heres the pics that tell some of the story….











After two weeks in Canberra its time fer the Captain to sail south. Next week we’ll be coming to you from Geelong.

Happy sailing shipmates