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Avast Yer Lubbers!

avast cvr sml

A collection of seven Pirate songs inspired by the Captains many and far reaching journeys….(more)



Eight of the cutest little Pirate songs from out of the Captains treasure chest you’ll ever hear…(more)

Here’s Me Buccaneers

Buccaneers Cover

Some traditional type songs sung the way Pirate Pete’s crew sings them…(more)

Pirate Stories

The Trepary Treasure Adventure

The Trepary Treasure AdventurePirates love treasure and treasure can take the strangest forms as the Captain finds out in this laugh filled early adventure….(more)

The Search For
“The Seaweed”

The Search For "The Seaweed"A true tale of high seas adventure as the Captain and his crew of Buccaneers helps in the search fer King Kelps lost ship “The Seaweed”…(more)

The Treasure Comes Home

The Treasure Comes HomeThe Captain and his feathered first mate Charlie unexpectedly finds their selves trapped in a treasure chest in this exciting true story…(more)


The Treasure Comes Home is the third Pirate Pete adventure story. Click on the photo for audio samples & more information.