Everything Must Change

Recorded this on four track reel to reel before digital were even thought of. A mike was set up outside to capture the approaching storm sounds as BeeJay was in the studio recording vocals. Rolling thunder unusual in these parts and its inclusion in this recording occurred without any editing. Thunder rolled at the appropriate moments all by itself. Remember thinking it were very cosmic at the time.

Everything Must Change

Written by Nina Simone and performed by Laguna Blue

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Laguna Blue


Mark Gillett

The Tordon Song.
Another brilliant piece from Mark Gillett with Noel Gardner.

Quote from Sylvia Posadas:

Background of this song as I recall it – one day Mark threw up his hands about coming up with new material. Not long before, I’d been out west and seen the results of tordon, described it to him over the phone, saying ‘why not write about this environmental terror’. Off he went out near Murgon, returned and wrote this song, which should be recognised globally for its brilliance, its direct and poignant commentary on the foolish destruction which white settlers wreak upon the Australian bush, how one act of toxic destabilisation richochets down the creek, into the river, into the rest of the ecosystem on which thoughtless humans, in the end, also rely.

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