29th May 2018 Great Souwest Tour

Folk who haven’t seen it in the making probably don’t even think about the effort that goes into Pirate Petes daily “Shanghaied Groanups” pics.

The task is to get the victims to  do something silly they don’t want to do and fer them to enjoy theirselves at the same time. If its their first time in this position there is added tension of the “what is he going to do next” factor.

Today the Captain found a lovely series of pics in his phone that documents some of the effort n preparation that precedes the actual shot that ends up on your newsfeed.

1. The Captain explains the reason fer the pose

Bathurst ELC
29th May 2018

2. He demonstrates the action….note the attentive stance of both SGs while trialling there own version of what he wants them to do

Bathurst ELC
29th May 2018

3. Time fer a little practice together under Pirate Petes watchful eye

Bathurst ELC
29th May 2018

4. The pic of today’s Shanghaied Groanups at Bathurst Early Learning Centre.
Pirate Pete salutes today’s crew n thanks them fer volunteering

Bathurst ELC
29th May 2018

23rd May 2018

Another successful day of treasure hunting fer Pirate Pete in Griffith today. A couple of fine pieces of art treasure thanks to Chelsea and Zabrina at Griffith East Preschool.

Chelsea Art
Chelsea Art
Zabrinas art
Zabrinas Art 23rd May 2018






Then there’s the biggest collection of gold buttons the Captain has ever seen in one place. There are pics to show the buttons were give as a present n Pirate Pete didn’t steal.





Then there’s the cutest little pink steel spring clip we saw as we was setting up. No sooner had we set eyes on it n resolved to give it a new home we was busted by a teacher n had to hand it over. The teachers are so nice at Griffith Preschool it were give back to the Pirate as a reward fer showing up today (unlike Monday)

Happy treasure Hunting me hearties!

Great Souwest Tour of 2018

We  begins with two months on the road in front of us. Sixty shows or thereabouts….some not yet confirmed.

First off is two weeks in the nations capital, Canberra. When we first toured to Canberra in 2002 we chuckled about “peak hour” traffic. Rush hour lasted fer about five  minutes and were focussed on Northbourne Ave.

Now traffic is so heavy if the Captain has to cross town he does so early to avoid the chaos as light rail is built on the main thoroughfare. Allow us a cannon or two and we’ll happily take on peak hour traffic.

Sixteen Shows in Canberra in all. Heres the pics that tell some of the story….











After two weeks in Canberra its time fer the Captain to sail south. Next week we’ll be coming to you from Geelong.

Happy sailing shipmates

Qld Tour 2017 – Week 7

Pirate Pete reached the northernmost point of Qld Tour 2017 this week with seven shows at Kuranda, Yorkeys Knob,  Atherton and Edmonton Kindergartens.

Click on photos to see more.

Tuesday began with long time friends at Atherton Kindergarten. A bootyfull visit it were. A source of much wearable jewellery fer the Captain in the past and this year were no different.

Pirate Treasure
More Treasure fer Pirate Petes Chest from Atherton Kindy

Pirates at Atherton
Pirate Pete with long time friends at Atherton Kindergarten

Then down he hill we went to Edmonton Kindy

Golden Chalices
Golden chalices from Edmonton Kindergarten fer Pirate Petes Treasure Chest

Shanghaied Groanups
Shanghaied Groanups at Edmonton Kinderarten

Wednesday were a one show day at Yorkeys Knob Kindergarten.
Thought we’d found the best shanghaied Dad ever. He came with his own headscarf and a silly little bit o black plastic over one eye (we fixed him up with real eye patch).
He did his “oi”s as required and as soon as actions had to be done he were doing them just like all the other children….even brought his Mum with him.
He were an obvious pick fer shanghaied groanup and didn’t disappoint EXCEPT fer photo time. Coached him on how to take a good pirate pic, Three clicks of the camera and all seems good…we went on , sang the song, did the actions and apart from his silly idea of giving all the children a prize I thought he did very well…. until I saw the third photo in the sequence. First two he looks fierce and friendly and all that a Pirate Captain could ask for in a shanghaied groanup…..then that last pic where he thought he were so funny he might have a laugh at hisself and checked to see if the Captain were looking and laughing too.
No, Pirate Pete wasn’t laughing, he were being resolutely professional and looking towards the camera with his scowling “Aarghh!” face on.
So our shanghaied Dad fell at the last hurdle and didn’t make it into Pirate Petes crew  permanently and had to go back home to stay with his family.

Shanghaied Dad
Shanghaied Dad with Pirate Pete doing what he were supposed to

Shanghaied Dad
Shanghaied Dad with Pirate Pete not doing what he were supposed to

Thursday were another single show day which saw Pirate Pete back at Atherton Kindergarten for a celebration of “outdoors day” in the bushy backyard behind the kindergarten under some shady trees

Atherton Kindergarten
Atherton Kindergarten

Friday were the busiest day of the week starting with a drive from camp at Jaggan, outside Malanda to Yorkeys Knob Kindergarten then back up the hill to Kuranda Kindergarten then down the hill and across town to Edmonton Kindergarten then back up the hill via the Gillies Highway to return to camp at Jaggan.

Shanghaied groanups
Shanghaied groanups at Edmonton Kindergarten

Shanghaied groanup
Shanghaied groanup at Yorkeys Knob Kindergarten

Shanghaied groanups
Shanghaied groanups at Kuranda Kindergarten

Pirate Pete did well at Treasure hunting this week…

Pirate Petes treasure
Pirate Petes Treasure

Thanks to Atherton Kindy

Pirate Petes Treasure
Pirate Petes Treasure

Thanks to Atherton Kindy

Pirate Petes Treasure sugar bowl
Pirate Petes Treasure sugar bowl

Thanks to Edmonton Kindy

Pirate Petes Treasure Seahorse
Pirate Petes Treasure Seahorse

Thanks to Atherton Kindy

Pirates Treasure
Pirates Treasure

Thanks to Edmonton Kindy

Next week Pirate Pete makes his way south from Cairns with shows in Innisfail, Mission Beach and Tully to end the week on Friday in the Burnett Region at Howard State School .
Happy sailing Me Hearties

Qld Tour 2017 – Week 6

Welcome Pirate Pete sign

Week six of Qld Tour 2017 and the Captain had so much fun in Mackay last week he decided to hang around on the coast in Mackay fer another week.

Eight shows this week beginning at Pioneer Kindy first up Monday morning then C & K Walkerston Kindy straight after followed later in the week by shows at Mackay Kindy, Bucasia Kindy, Emmanuel Kindy and return visits to Pioneer Walkerston and Bucasia.

Click on pics to see more..

Pioneer Kindy
Pioneer Kindy 28th August 2017

Walkerston Kindergarten
28th August 2017
Stowaway cats
Stowaway cats

Our first visit to Pioneer Kindy this week were steeped in controversy.

When the Captain returned to camp after the show he set about preparing fer the next days pillage. In straightening up the black chest he found a pair of stowaways.

In true Pirate style the Captain sought to identify the origins of the stowaways. He knew he had not put them in the chest hisself.

Being a Pirate in the 21st century he then resorted to social media, posting a photo of the controversial couple and innocently asking if anyone knew anything about them.

The resulting social media meltdown had far ranging side-effects.

Before the post regarding the cats Pirate Pete happily went about the supermarkets in town anonymously gathering supplies. Following the post – security now give him a guided tour of all the aisles and  the supermarkets sophisticated CCTV is programmed  to follow the Captains every movement while in the shop or within 50 metres of the front door.

Tuesday morning things weren’t so politically awry when Pirate Pete visited Mackay Kindergarten  followed by Lady Gowrie Bucasia Kindergarten.

Mackay Kindergarten
No matter how hard the Pirate tried to impress on these Dads the serious nature of what we was doing they wouldn’t stop laughing Mackay Kindergarten 29th August 2017
Bucasia Kindy

Bucasia Kindy 29th August 2017

Wednesday morning Pirate Pete visited Emmanuel Catholic Kindergarten Mount Pleasant. A jolly crew of Pirates he found there.

Emmanuel Catholic Kindergarten
Emmanuel Catholic Kindergarten 30th August 2017

Thursday morning and we were back at Pioneer Kindergarten trying to talk our way out of the trouble we found ourself in after the stowaway saga and suggesting that someone in the room were wearing a beard smelling of mothballs.

 Smelly Pirate Beard

Pioneer Kindy
Pioneer Kindergarten 31st August 2017

Walkerston Kindy
Walkerston Kindergarten 31st August 2017
 A celebration of ten years of visiting Walkerston Kindergarten

Welcome Pirate Pete signHeart Shaped CakePirate Pete gets cakePirate Pete n Ms Peta n the skinny mate

Friday were a one show at Bucasia Kindergarten day fer Pirate Pete.

Bucasia Kindergarten
Bucasia Kindergarten 1st September 2017

With 16 shows in Mackay Region completed the Captain set a course to the north and weighed anchor. Sailing towards the Cairns Region for an appointment with me young shipmates fer nine shows.
All in all it were a most memorable week and visit to Mackay this sixth week of Qld Tour 2017 with lots of love flowing towards Pirate Pete making him feel warm and fuzzy inside.
There has now been a weekend of revellery since then so now he’s back to his grumpy self.
Happy sailing Shipmates!