23rd May 2018

Another successful day of treasure hunting fer Pirate Pete in Griffith today. A couple of fine pieces of art treasure thanks to Chelsea and Zabrina at Griffith East Preschool.

Chelsea Art
Chelsea Art
Zabrinas art
Zabrinas Art 23rd May 2018






Then there’s the biggest collection of gold buttons the Captain has ever seen in one place. There are pics to show the buttons were give as a present n Pirate Pete didn’t steal.





Then there’s the cutest little pink steel spring clip we saw as we was setting up. No sooner had we set eyes on it n resolved to give it a new home we was busted by a teacher n had to hand it over. The teachers are so nice at Griffith Preschool it were give back to the Pirate as a reward fer showing up today (unlike Monday)

Happy treasure Hunting me hearties!