Qld Tour 2017 – Week 8

Time to turn south fer the Captain. Seven weeks and sixty shows to travel north to Cairns then the return journey is covered in five days with five shows to boot.

The week started at Innisfail and Atherton Kindys followed a day later into Mission and Wongaling Beaches. The middle part were 1400 kilometres of blurr as we cruised our way south. Then finished with a bang at Howard State School on the last day of school term.

Monday started with a visit to Innisfail Kindergarten where among other things we picked up some more treasure fer the chest and as yer can see it were given freely, happily and not stolen.

Innisfail Kindy
Treasure fer the Captains Chest

Then off to Tully fer an exciting visit with a little bit of controversy but it all worked itself out in the end. Pirate Pete doesn’t know the true story behind the pics but he’d be happy to make one up if anyone asks him about this incident


Frame 1
It all started with a gold watch going into the treasure chest

Frame 2
Then another pirate said “no you can’t do that”


Frame 3
They struggled over the gold watch fer a minute


Frame 4
Then the first pirate put the gold watch into the treasure chest while the second pirate watched

Soial Media were interesting this week with one pic being viewed more than all the rest and Pirate Pete were amused by facebook comments about the people in the pic.

shanghaied groanups
Pirate Pete explains finer points of taking a Pirate pic

Tuesday we sailed into Mission Beach fer a visit to the Day One Early Learning Centre where we bumped into another REAL old Pirate. We was all set to have a very fun time when his carer said he weren’t allowed to kick his heels.

Methinks we heard him mumble something that sounded strangely like “Yes Dear” while at the same time he tried hisself out on a little kick of heels. He didn’t get far off the ground….not very far at all but when he touched down again there was this moment of stagger that had us all understanding why the carer said he were grounded.

Day One ELC
12th September 2017

Friday found the Captain on the last day of school term…..in fact the last hour of the last day of school term at Howard State School with 100 young shipmates and their teachers playing Pirate Games.
What a hoot that was. Pirate Pete were having so much fun he would’ve gone on fer two more hours….but apparently everyone else had homes to go to.

Howard State School
Shanghaied teachers at Howard State School     15th September 2017

So as far as the schools part of Qld Tour 2017 goes, it’s over.
Two shows Monday at Hervey Bay and Maryborough Libraries then we sails further south through the school holidays till we turn up at The Boorowa Irish Woolfest just north of Canberra on the 1st October.

Happy sailing shipmates!