Qld Tour 2017 – Week 5

Week five of Qld Tour 2017 found the Captain back on the coast in Mackay.

Eight shows this week beginning with an early start Monday morning at Sarina Kindergarten followed later in the week by shows at Mackay Kindy, South Mackay Kindy, North Mackay Kindy and Mackay Cubbie House.

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Tuesday morning we visited somewhere we hadn’t been before at Mackay North Kindy where we found the unlikliest of Pirates to shanghai.

Mackay North Kindy
Mackay North Kindy – 22nd August 2017

Wednesday it were off to Mackay Cubbie House where we always have a wild fun time.

Its always fun watching the staff deciding who is going to be shanghaied this year. We were aiming fer two teachers who haven’t seen the show before but ended up catching out a Mum who happened to be sitting in the way

Mackay Cubbie House
23rd August – Mackay Cubbie House

Thursday we returned to Mackay North and there were no Snow Whites to be found this day….the place were full of aarghhing pirates. Except fer this Dad who reminded Pirate Pete of a moth being drawn towards a flame…wondering what was going on

Mackay North Kindergarten
Mackay North Kindy – 24th August 2017

Friday saw the Captain on his first visit this trip to Mackay Kindergarten. We received word that the young Pirate who helped out by shanghaiing his Mum took great pleasure in relating the experience to his old Dad over dinner that night.

Mackay Kindergarten
25th August 2017 – Mackay Kindergarten

Outstanding feature fer this week has to be the sandflies around Pirate Petes campsite and when they are off duty the mosquitoes take over. They absolutely adore the Pirate and can’t get enough of him although he has had more than enough of them.

Next week the Captain stays fer another eight shows in Mackay before sailing further north.