Qld Tour 2017 – Week 4

Another week of fun in the furnace of Central Queensland has passed…..and this is winter! Of course the locals don’t have a clue what I’m talking about. Loads of them are walking round with cardigans and jumpers on meanwhile the Captain melts.

Seven shows this week. Two at Borilla Kindergarten two at Emerald and one each at Springsure, South Emerald and Dysart. Six of those shows was over two days…testing the Captains fitness….we survived.

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Borilla Kindergarten
15th August 2017 Borilla Kindergarten

Emerald South Kindergarten
Emerald South Kindergarten 17th August 2017

Features of the week fer the Captain include –

  • Arriving (late) at Emerald Preschool and being presented with a pile of headbands zipped tight in zipbag that we left a year ago on our last visit. Special thanks to Mrs Kay fer that….much appreciated.
  • Passing Ms Jenny from Borilla in the local Coles a couple of hours after the first show at Borilla and not being recognised even though we’ve known each other for more than 17 years now.
  • Coming through the gate at Borilla Kindergarten first thing Thursday morning and leaving the Captains longest fingernail jammed in the mechanism….ouch! Not a good start to three shows ‘on the trot’ that morning.
  • Pirate Pete picked up three free feeds at Emerald Kindy this week. Tuesday there were no time to hang around fer the after show feed so Ms Kay and Ms Julie packed it all up in a tupperware box with lid and we nibbled our way down the 65km drive to Springsure fer the afternoon show. Wednesday were a celebration of Ms Julies 25th birthday so Pirate Pete invited hisself along fer the festivities, sang happy birthday, played a pirate version of ‘Whats the time Mr Wolf’ and pigged out again. Thursday the Captain hung around after the show and had another feed before his journey to night stop at Capella.
Pirate Headbands
Headbands left at Emerald Kindergarten previous year

Pirate Pete’s favourite pic of the week is this one showing what fun our Dads n Grandad were on Tuesday 15th August as well as the closeness of the audience, the involvement from the audience and so many smiley faces.

The happiest face of all would be Dad in black T shirt centre right of pic. He was originally picked to be part of the crew but wriggled out with some suspect excuse like a broken shoulder or something. Didn’t fool Pirate Pete but all the ladies in the vicinity were taken in so he weren’t allowed to join in.

Emerald Kindy 15th August 2017
Emerald Kinergarten 15th August 2017. Pirate Petes favourite photo this week

Next week the Captain sails further north to Mackay. He has 16 shows lined up in Mackay over next two weeks
Happy sailing Me Hearties!