Qld Tour 2017 – Week 2

The second week of Queensland Tour 2017 is done n dusted.

Not quite as busy as the 13 shows of Week 1 but all the same nine shows in five days has some hectic moments.

Monday began with a Concert Show at Goodstart Beak St (Gladstone).

The ships secretary likes to set near impossible schedules fer the Captain to follow so he’ll feel good about hisself after completing them. Consequently half an hour after limping out of Goodstart we was due to start the first of two Games Shows at Kin Kora State School. Outdoor shows requiring the setting up of a sound system

With the bit firmly between his teeth the Captain set to work the night before and gaffer taped all his electrics to the amplifier head and plugged all into the multi power board also gaffer taped to the head.

Instead of waiting till the last minute to drag the speaker boxes out of their deep storage on the ship we did it the night before and set them for quick n easy removal.

End result what normally takes minimum 20 minutes to setup on stage were done in around five leaving an unflustered Pirate to lead his crew when the time came.

If it weren’t fer the guitars preamp jumping out of its slot and cutting the sound about five bars into the first number forcing first a pause and then what yer never supposed to do….restart!

Should be right now….oh not so quick……..a bell rings out and suddenly the audience of around 60 becomes and audience of around 300 as students moving to their next assignment dawdle their way through the public area.

Five minutes break between the first Games Show and the second.

Loads of fun!

That was Monday

Tuesday not as busy and a welcome “one show only” day at Goodstart Tannum Sands.

Wednesday was much the same with a “one Game Show only” day at Koolyangarra Kindy . Loads of fun but we missed Debbie….something about long service leave….don’t have a clue what thats all about.

Wednesday afternoon were a lovely cruise west 140km to Biloela. A nice day.

Thursday were back to the hectic with three shows in Bilo 1st at Biloela Community Kindy 9am, 2nd at Coo-Inda Community Kindy 10.15am and 3rd at St Josephs at 11.30am.

Coo-Inda Kindergarten
Pirate Pete with shanghaied crew at Coo-Inda Kindergarten
St Josephs
Pirate Pete with shanghaied crew at St Josephs Biloela

Friday another “One Show Only” day with a bonus morning and afternoon cruise thrown in. Leaving Biloela in the morning fer the 60km journey to Moura. The notable thing about this journey is that it passes through the Town and the Shire of Banana. So many joke possibilities just in the name.

Social Media
Social Media
Biloela Kindergarten Facebook
Biloela Kindergarten Facebook
Moura Kindergarten comments
Moura Kindergarten Facebook comments


Looking to the week ahead…

Monday – two shows for Yeppoon and District Kindergarten

Tuesday – Illoura ELC and Narnia Kindergarten at North Rockhampton

Wednesday – Rockhampton Grammar School

Thursday – Parkhurst ELC and Narnia Kindergarten

Friday Yeppon and District Kindergarten

Happy sailing Me Hearties!!