A Day In The Life

Emerald Kindy…Wednesday 17th August 2016.

Well didn’t we have ourselves a ball at EmeraldĀ  Kindergarten this morning.

Only show fer the day…first time we haven’t had to rush off to another show.

What a spread…awsome food. Guided tour taking in Pirate ships in the yard, baby chicks….we tried to get to the swing but didn’t quite make it…went to the jungle instead with butterfly chairs n cymbals n mallets.

All the time looking out fer treasure but nothing till we got to the fish guts. A different kind of treasure hunt where treasure is hidden amongst a trough of fish guts.

This maybe where the Pirate became undone. Off he went with both hands into the trough after the treasure…. That’s when they suggested it was time fer Pirate Pete to leave….(sigh!)

Dad on left in pic attended this Preschool and was taught by Miss Julie while his wife were in the group in the other room.


A Watermelon Pirate Ship