Modern Technology

Arghh! Modern Technology and Pirates doesn’t always go together well.

With an audience of 200 plus it is most often necessary to to use modern technology by way of a sound system to get the message out to the crowd.

Accordingly we set up the PA…everything seems to be working ok….five  minutes to show time the guitar sound starts making funny noises (It wasn’t funny at all…perhaps strange is a better word).

Is there time to get a new battery in before showtime. Alarms bells start going off in the Captains head…don’t do anything stupid like try to change a battery four minutes before a show….you know you’ve tried it before and it never goes well…yes but this time it will be different…..I will stay composed won’t get flustered and the whole operation will run smoothly..

Console lifted out of guitar, battery extracted all going well….new battery clipped in now to return the console to the guitar……this is where the trouble usually begins as the console has to be lined up correctly before insertion. This occasion was no different to every other time we’ve changed batteries on this guitar.

Then we’ve inserted it incorrectly and it is wedged so tight it can’t be pulled out again….won’t go in any further and won’t come out. Correct insertion essential for the device to work.

Great two minutes to showtime and we’re standing in front of the audience pounding the guitar console trying to force  it to work.

One minute to go and its not going to work. Out of options have to go with an unamplified semi acoustic guitar in a big room with lots of people. Could have melted right there but a strange calm descended….Hah! we’ve had to deal with much worse than this….just go ahead and pretend there’s nothing wrong.

Forty minutes later we’re wondering why we bother playing guitar in the show at all. The performance went off a bomb regardless of the missing guitar sound everyone having fun…except the poor Pirate worrying about his guitar not working.

We lives to play another day.

Footnote: The frantic thumping of the preamp console broke off the little platic lip that held the console in place when correctly inserted. Fortunately a little piece of folded paper is now enough to hold the console in place and everything is working again.

guit console