Season 2014 – back on deck

Just completed a very pleasant week of 12 shows in Victoria. Pleasant fer one very special reason, the Captains good health returned after more than four weeks in absence.

Apprehension before Mondays four shows. Four show days are not stop and demanding even in the best of health let alone when reeling from a flu attack. To appease the Princess within, who needed toughening up, we took a couple of double strength Mylanta chewables and something we’ve never done before a solitary aspirin to combat any fever.

First two shows passed leaving an hour gap before the third. Enough time to take on protein and repeat dose of Mylanta chewables and aspirin before returning to the fray.

Last of the flu departed suddenly and mysteriously during the 2nd show Tuesday. Didn’t realise it had gone till half way through third show when we found ourself being swept along on a surge of energy the like of which we hadn’t felt fer a long time.

Still a bit nervous fer the rest of the week expecting a relapse that didn’t eventuate.