Season 2014 – the lows

Survived one of the toughest weeks an entertaining Pirate might be forced to face in Canberra last week.

Eight shows on the itinerary and a new strain of flu collide and sets the Pirates head aspinning. Two shows Monday and two on Tuesday, day off Wednesday then two shows each on Thursday and Friday.

Started the week feeling rough and thinking the worst of this flu passed the previous Saturday when we was laid out flat and in Lalaland.

Mondays shows passed ok then at the end of the first show on Tuesday almost passed out during the last song. Made our apologies having caused concern of the teachers. What do you do if yer teaching youngsters and a Pirate collapses in yer preschool?  We left with a four hour gap till the second show of the day.

Dropped anchor on the edge of Lake Burly Griffin, climbed into the Captains hammock and passed out for two hours.

Woke up feeling crook but cruised to within cooee of the next venue and thought about the entry. The obligatory security gate from the carpark, a buzzer to gain entry through the front door, a narrow passageway then narrow steep stairs with corners to the first floor while carrying two chests and restricted by a swinging guitar slung over the back.

This projected vision was enough fer the Captains brain to make an executive decision realising the body it was riding in was not going to make it up those stairs let alone complete a forty minute interactive show with around 30-40 four to five year olds.

The ships secretary is yet to activate the new phone her Captain arranged fer her so is unavailable to help. Thanks to something the Captain got up to way back in 1978 on the other side of the world in England he had another course option.

Pirate Pete has children and grandchildren all over the place including Canberra so he rang his daughter and she rang the venue and the message were conveyed and fer the first time in 25 years the Captain were forced to cancel a show due to poor health.

This only counts fer four of eight shows….day off Wednesday, back into it again Thursday.

Day off Wednesday were taken up with constant assessments,”will we be good fer it this time tomorrow?”

yes….no….don’t think so….can’t cancel again…

There were a slight adjustment to the shows components. Took out “I’m a Jolly Pirate” and replaced with the far less physical “Mozzie Story”, which allows fer the Pirate to sit upon his Treasure Chest, as close to the ground as he can get and mezmerise his young audience with his fantastic true tale of Pirate Adventure involving Mosquitoes “as big as elephants”.

We managed to make it through the remaining four shows and complete one of the toughest weeks Pirate Pete has experienced in keeping his show “On the road”.