Season 2014 begins

The season begins and off we goes again on another touring adventure around eastern Australia on “The 25th anniversary (This could be the last time) Tour”.

Tried to finish writing and record a new album to commemorate the occassion but unfortunately only managed to get four rough tracks recorded (not perfect but better than nothing).

Nevertheless these recordings have become a part of a Limited Edition Extended Play CD the Pirate is travelling with this year. The recordings will be available fer download through the Pirate Store in the not too distant future.

Track 1 – Great White Shark

Track 2 – Pirate Teddy

Track 3 – Pirate Petes Real

Track 4 – When I Was One

Needing more time to get the recording done he wants and to complete a couple of video projects he is committed to Pirate Pete will not be touring in 2015 until he has completed his recording and video projects.