Short Term Memory Malfunction

7th November 2013

Pirate Pete surpassed hisself today. As he left Narrabundah Early Childhood School he left his chest outside the front door while he fetched his vessel. Once onboard he steered a course back to camp and had a cup of coffee and polished his boots…then went to the phone to process pics from the days shows and WHAM! No phone, no bag. Then it gets worse….NO Treasure Chests either. Aarghh! Causes one to dwell a little on the ‘R’ word. Thanks to the wonderful staff at Narrabundah fer being so kind as to hide me chest in their office…Probably thinking We woudn’t look there. I should probably check the contents too, methinks.

Turns out this on not just an old Pirates malady. Even a young Pirate Pete had occasion to forget some of his stuff after a show.

To the point where he once left a party with his first mate companion, Charlie T Cockatoo perched on the clothesline and not upon his shoulder. It weren’t until the young Pirate went to put the bird back in the travelling cage he realised his mate were somewhere else.

Other things left behind include bags of headbands, ship sails, the Captains guitar and many contents of the treasure chest but never before has he left an entire chest.