Occasionally we tries me hand at being organised to the point of looking up caravan park locations in advance to plan me stopover point. On a visit to the Hunter region of New South Wales fer a show in Largs we Googled caravan parks to come up with two in Maitland. One of these had two reviews. The first one, from three years ago read –

“the park at 25 high st is a filthy place, the vans are all falling apart, the bathrooms are disgusting, the manager lives in total squalor and walking in to her room to pay rent each week was like dicing with death, the smell emanating from her office is beyond belief. stay away from this overpriced disease-ridden hole at all costs.”

followed by, from one week ago

“Stayed at this caravan park recently and found management to be helpful and friendly and the unit we stayed in was clean and tidy. Would definitely stay there again.”

The Captain is not one to shy away from a challenge and we likes to see fer ourself before we forms an opinion. With that in mind we plotted a course to Maitland Caravan Park 25 High St Maitland. Into the GPS it went and off we went in search of a resting place.

Sadly the GPS were convinced the park were in the middle of the shopping centre and couldn’t be persuaded to change its mind so we abandoned the search. The ships navigator Leiutenant Google found a short route to the…….

Coachstop Caravan Park

Below is the text of a conversation through an intercom the Pirate had with the caretaker of the Coachstop as he tried to check in at around 6.15pm and found the office closed.

The first time we buzzed the intercom no one answered. Then a friendly local pointed out the caretaker were in a highset house roughly 100 metres away and blow me down “there he is now…quick… hit the button.”

PPete: “Lookin fer a powered site fer the night”

CTaker: “um…ar…mm…mumble mumble…Harry!…Harry!!!…..HARRY!!!!…Fxxken Ignorant Bxxch!…yeah mate park next to that ‘Royal Flair’…yer see it? Fix us up in the morning”


Encounters such as this keeps life interesting..