Wednesday last week were Talk Like A Pirate Day. To commemorate the event we took ourselves off fer a talk at the TV studios of Brisbane Channel 31 and the “set” of The Late Nite Show. Question that stumped the Captain were has anything weird ever happened to Pirate Pete during a Show?

Immediate mental response were……everythings weird! Not a good answer….

Then I told about eye patch falling off during show once and how the Captain were forced to run from the room screaming with his hands over his face.

Its now taken a full seven days plus 7 hours to come up with an answer..

The Late Nite Show

In April 2011 we was doing a show in The Wollongong City Council Library which were housed on the ground floor in the Councils Administration Building. Thirty minutes into the 40 minute show the buildings fire alarm started wailing.

Not only did the wailing provide competition fer the Pirate as he tried to keep his show together but then the local fire warden appeared at the door with “everyone out of the building!…but don’t panic its not a fire its just a scheduled fire drill”.

A ten minute early mark? The Pirate had his chests packed and were out of there double quick.

But really, a fire drill that everyone new about but no one thought to schedule the show around …. Aarghh!