The joys of working with daylight saving

To set the scene..
Pirate Show booked fer Pacific Pines, Qld at 9am tomorrow. The plan is to be finished and out of there by 10am leaving 90 minutes to travel the 75 minute journey to the second show of the day booked at 11.30 in Bangalow.
No dramas there, we’ve sailed a lot closer to the wind on previous occasions.
Complication number one…
9am start in Qld time 11.30 start in NSW time.
9am in Qld is 10am in NSW.
Now looking at 30 minutes to cover the 75 minute trip.
That’s not going to work but thankfully Bangalow will postpone till Friday.
Complication number two…..
Camped the night in Murwillumbah NSW time.
First show tomorrow 9am Qld time.
So we has to weigh anchor at 6am NSW time in Murwillumbah to get to Pacific Pines around 8am Qld time.
Are we following?
6am NSW time is 5am Qld time so we sailed into Pacific Pines around 6am leaving a three hour wait till showtime. Not me most favourite thing to do is sitting around waiting fer hours to pass fer a show.
Complication number 3…
Rolled in around 10 minutes before showtime at Pacific Pines and noticed a sign on the front door advertising a 9.30am start.
Double checked at reception. No worries! 9.30 start it is. (lucky we didn’t still have to get to Bangalow after)
Dropped treasure chests in correct room and ducked out fer 20minutes (don’t stay in these places any longer than needs specially before shows)
Complication number 4…
Setting up accoustic rig ten minutes before showtime at one end of the room when a teacher suggested we sets up way down the other end of the room cause they were going to bring along enough children to fill this room.
Bring out the sound system.
Out it came and away we went with 111 little pirates.
Gotta Love Show Business