Sugar in Drive thru Coffee

Whats the deal with sugar in Coffee at the drive thru.

I already ask fer more sugar than I put in meself because their spoons must be smaller.

Why can’t they stir it?

What is the point of putting sugar in a coffee if  its only to clog the drinking hole when you get to the end.

That is, of course if they’ve remembered to add sugar in the first place.

When I first saw McDonanlds drive thrus showing the number of sugars requested I thought this problem would end but no.

I have even asked if the sugar were added, been told it was and then find nothing sweet about the coffee I were drinking.

In the old days we received as many little sugar pillows we requested and they came with a little plastic spoon to stir with.

Gradually it became part of the “service” to have the sugar pillows opened and added, while we watched then the lid were put on. Alas no stirring. Drive out the drive thru, pull over, open coffee, stir, close coffee, resume journey.

Then as far as drive thrus go the sugar pillow disappeared altogether.

Replaced by coffee flowing over a base of unstirred sugar.

I have encountered this way of drive thru coffee life more often at McDonalds than Hungry Jacks and I have me own plastic spoon that lives on the dashboard to deal with the situation.