Wyoming Caravan Park

Drove in…. lots of shady looking characters coming and going….quite the hive of activity…mainly single men of varying ages. Waited ten minutes at check-in to see if someone would answer my bell ringing then gave up and left. Googled caravan park near Gosford and the top 8 responses were for Wyoming. Great, no other caravan park fer 50 km.
The number two response caught my attention “Wyoming Caravan Park – worst caravan park in Australia.”
With that endorsement I could not deny myself the experience. Found the phone number and called. Site available, price reasonable and people in reception now…all I needs.
Squeezed in between two vans that obviously had not moved in a good long time. Two feet clearance on one side and four feet clearance on the other…no problems yet. Power close by and works…no immediate threat of electrocution. Already I’ve seen worse than this.
Amenities close by. Perhaps that should be amenity singular. One pedestal and no trough between how many people I don’t know. Its my own fault I didn’t check for toilet paper when using the night before…must have missed the bring yer own toilet paper sign. Seat was dry bowl was clean….seen worse.
Three showers…so what if only one works,…only need one…blow me down it has hot water and cold water and sometimes they even both flow at the same time.