Cruising through the supermarket in Dickson, Canberra, in the fruit and veg section to be precise. I could hear the rather loud voice of a child talking to theirself maybe cause Mum is shopping and not focusing attention on youngster.

Always wary in supermarkets of being spotted by childrens who has seen the show I walks around with sun glasses and looking at the floor, being invisible. Gathered me spuds and brocilli, I did and some mushrooms I think it were when I felt a burning sensation coming from the direction the noise had been coming from (the noise had stopped). I risked a little look and had me eye caught fast in a vice like stare that were hard to drawn me face away from.

Didn’t hang around but made fer the nearest corner to disappear around. As I went round the corner I heard the same loud voice reactivated. This time the call were “Mum I saw Pirate Pete”. As I turned the corner, over me shoulder  I saw Mum take a quick scan of the vicinity. “No you didn’t,” she replied.

Passing the next aisle at an increasing pace I heard “Mum I saw Pirate Pete”……..”No you didn’t”

At the next aisle I could still hear clear as a bell “Mum I saw Pirate Pete”……”Don’t be ridiculous” came the reply fading into the jumble and noise of a fairly large supermarket.

Reminded me of the time I were at an ATM in Cowra.

As I walked away from the ATM heard a young voice…..Mum, that man had a moustache like Pirate Petes