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Sail with the Captain and enjoy Pirate Pete’s entertaining tales of intrepid adventure as he cruises the vast Australian continent. Follow the Pirate on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to stay up to date.

Pirate Pete is currently preparing fer season 2019. There’s lots of Pirate Headbands, eye patches and Pirate Pete flags to be made along with new shirts, pantaloons and new Pirate Hat to be dressed before he sets sail in late February on what is shaping up to be Pirate Pete’s very last tour of this type.

Hence the Captain is looking forward to catching up with all his old shipmates and meeting some new ones as he tours the east coast of Australia during his 2019 “Going Out In Style” Tour.

Keep yer eye out for Pirate Pete – he might be performing in your town soon! Book Pirate Pete for your kindy, school, festival or special event!!

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